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Modern Digital Solution

The ability to adapt quickly with the constant evolution of technology can be a straining task.

We take care of all the technological barriers you are facing so that you can focus on your core business. We do more than simple adaptation; we provide modern powerful digital solutions with custom software implementation and focus on core competencies.

Mobile & Web Development

Custom enterprise-grade mobile and web apps solutions

Still, using old-style systems? and with technology which is constantly changing, it’s hard to keep upgrading to new interfaces. 

You need to seriously consider your next steps because mobile and web application can help your organization go hi-tech and improves its functions significantly. 

 With everybody using a smartphone, an organization could benefit from services like Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, One- Stop- Shop application, Progressive Web applications, blockchain and voice search to improve efficiency.


Native and Hybrid Applications

We help in developing Application & Web portal to communicate with the target audience (HTML5, CSS, PHP). It saves time, improves communication workflow between company stakeholders. Native and Hybrid applications are a flexible medium which helps an organization connect, save time, collect, communicate and grow.


Stay in touch with Service and Product marketing portals

With our mobile and web application, any organization can easily communicate personalized promotions with the audience. Setting up email campaigns and managing satisfaction programs can also be done. All of these are just one tap away.


Get connected with Intranet Portals

We provide you with a gateway that unifies access to enterprise information and application within the organization. A platform with unlimited possibilities that aims to communicate, motivate and collaborate with the sole purpose to grow and excel.

Why The Clutch's Services?

With a dedicated and experienced team, companies will be provided with the right tech stack, the highest level of security and stability that comes with a fair price coupled with a lean and agile approach.

Custom Solutions Development

Unique Customise Software solution

Every business is different and so are their needs. We also understand that every business has a different goal, and business owners take a holistic approach to accomplish them. 

Our customized software solutions are unique, unlike other commercial software, perfect to cater to each business. Commercial software tends to provide abundant features, but not all business processes require all functionality.

On the contrary, our development experts understand our client’s requirements first and then develop a customized product that suits the business requirement.

Evaluation of the process

We work at the basics first to get better insights. Our team evaluates the company’s existing software by tracing and recognizing all the significant factors needed to increase ROI. This allows us to focus on developing a solution which will benefit the business.

Creating & implementing a software solution

After the evaluation process, our team creates a project plan to implement. With different toolsets, the business will need and implements the best suitable solution. We craft different Custom Software Solutions like CRM, ERP and HRM systems, Business Process Automation Solution, AI & Machine Learning solutions.

Support & Maintenance after Installation

After the crafted solution is installed, our team assures the software gets constant maintenance and support. This way, businesses can focus on the sole purpose of increasing profits and creating a brand name.

Why Our Services?

We assuring quality services with the right solution that are essential to the business.

Enterprise Systems Integration

Flawless Enterprise Communication

A synchronized communication channel across different departments of your organization that optimizes resources lowers the operational cost, manages risks and thus gives complete visibility of business along with customers & employees.

It is intended to develop flawless communication between the core systems and marketing that will speed up your business development.

Customised Enterprise Systems Integration

A system that can be tailored to maintain exclusively synchronous communication within the organization. Integration systems for Marketing, HRM, Manufacturing, CRMs, B2B, ERPs and any core systems.

Integration Solutions Leveraging Industry Leaders

Seamless communication across the company is our sole focus. In short, we help leverage Business Process Management with various integration solutions.

Appropriate Selection Of Framework & Middleware

Using the correct enterprise application integration framework that makes sense for your business will improve performance and optimised cost by applying mediation and federation patterns in the appropriate manner.

Why Choose Us?

Best solutions where complexity and issues with performance are tackled by infrastructure architecture and art of software.

Our experts help to tailor an Enterprise System with the correct process to implement for both cloud technology as well as on-premises for different industries.

E-Commerce Solutions

Custom Trusted Solutions

E-commerce offers businesses to diverse scope in terms of marketing, business scale and generating more sales. On the same front, having optimized E-commerce solutions can help businesses grow in no time.

Choosing our E-Commerce solutions will assist the concerned company face, help in understanding the complex processes and provide solutions like Replatforming, third party CRM’s, Data Management platforms like SAP Hybris, Marketo, etc.

What do we offer?

Replatforming helps to improve stability, upgrade the business, and reduce heavy customization. Replatforming reduces the cost of ownership and cuts out the number of breaches the company has experienced.

Customer Security is the top-notch priority for all the companies. We provide the Enterprise customer experience through the medium of open-technology proprietary model. Our team works towards building personalized experience for online users using exclusive technology such as chatbots, AI, machine learning, and safe payment gateways.

There are various e-commerce solutions implementation in which we deal, like Magento, Prestashop, SAP Hybris, etc. We implement the best-fit and high-grade software solutions matching the needs of the businesses.

Why Choose Us?

We have a team of technical professionals to match business demands and goals. By supporting the goals of your business ventures and make your brand speak for itself.

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