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Nowadays, data is defined as the most important metric in a business. The organisation which leverage data dominate their market and transforms their business reality.

Take advantage of our expertise and scale your business needs.

Technology Blueprint

Solve all your business problems

The Clutch analyses and solves all the problems, no matter what vertical our client represents. We are a team of experienced individuals that offer services to various international brands and resolve their issues.

Our technical team understands the ups and downs one faces in the company processes and the ineffective outcome that companies have to bear. This is where our role comes into play and does the work for the businesses.

What do we offer?

Our Specialists analyse business solutions and develop a concept for the concerned ecosystem. Our team provides development for a POC (Proof of Concept), which helps to understand if the strategy proposed is working on getting the desired results or not. This way, we help in saving time and money of the clients.

Every business model needs planning to be successful and work efficiently. Our project managers take into account that time is equivalent to money in the business world. This is the reason we provide the project management services with a well-developed plan tailored for every business to meet their specific goals.

The whole process can take different periods that depend upon business goals. After following the process thoroughly, our engineers provide the best solutions for concerning issues that are identified. Our engineers offer the optimal coded software to the companies for efficient working.

Why Choose Us?

We offer prominent services to our clients. Our solutions match the needs of the businesses, and we work to bring out the best.

Software Asset Management

Protect your business from financial & operational risks.

Regulatory changes are one of the biggest challenges for companies today – and for businesses in highly regulated industries are struggling to keep up.

Solid Risk Reporting services protect every business from penalties and lawsuits. If compliance and risk reporting are established and implemented correctly, it reduces the chances of fraud and helps management prioritize and execute control measures quickly.

We make sure you are on par with industry standards and best practices.


Our compliance and risk reporting team observes the companies' problem. Then, we run the risk assessment, infrastructure assessment, and the assessment of the security to evaluate the risk involved in the business.


Once the evaluation completed, we analyze and point all the critical areas which need to be worked upon. The proposed plan undergoes the business management for approval to set up successful compliance.


An end-to-end software that need to follow will help you cover all risk and compliance aspects. This step includes reports development, customization and constant update against updates in regulations and industry changes.

Why Choose Us?

We always provide the best outcomes and services for business ventures. We understand that managing risk is a crucial part of a business.

Let us help you establish the baseline of data for managing risk and achieve compliance.

Our Partners

Data Privacy / GDPR

We conduct an in-depth Data Protection Act Readiness program for companies of all sizes to assist them to achieve compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

The 4 Phases Systems

An in-depth assessment is conducted to examine the organisation’s readiness to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.
We consider, through interviews, workshops, assessment questionnaires, and inspection, the various systems, processes, and activities in place. We also review policies, contracts, and procedures.
A comprehensive risk assessment is created, and recommendations are made to practically address gaps or areas of risk.
In this initial phase, we also produce a draft Privacy Impact Assessment or PIA This phase takes between 2 and 8 weeks, depending on the size of the organization, the number of systems and processes, etc.

In phase 2, we work with the company to remediate issues and address risks. In this phase of activity, we address specified policies and contracts (optional additional policies and documentation can also be created and finalised but will be scoped separately).
Phases 2 and 3 run concurrently and at the end, we finalise the PIA.

In this phase, we perform targeted training and education.
The training is use-case-specific and guides teams through an understanding of privacy and their responsibilities. We also conduct a training workshop for the Information Officer.
Phases 2 and 3 are typically run for up to 6 months depending on staff availability and company size, and, if all issues have been satisfactorily addressed, we provide an endorsement of Data Protection Act Readiness.

Since privacy management is not a once-off exercise, we encourage organisations to establish a Privacy Program.
We provide the world’s leading software platforms, OneTrust or TrustArc, for privacy management – these platforms address the key aspects of privacy management such as risk and control assessments, mapping of data and processes, measurement and reporting, consent management, data subject requests, and more.

Why Our Services?

We know only with well-renowned partners that are reliable and are experts in the Data Privacy field.

Our Partners

Customer Analytics

Maximise lifetime value with analytics

With enough data, your customer buying patterns, relationships and behaviour can predict the right strategic and tactical decisions your business should take.

Understanding the hidden aspect of your customer lifecycle will maximise profits, increase ROI and lower busiess risks. We use customer analytics software to turn your data into actionable insights and personalised customer experience.

Provide greater value for each step of the customer lifecycle by using a richly diverse set of information captured from a variety of sources. Get data-driven insights and take action with our customer analytics solutions.


Customised Analytical Solutions

Every business is different and unique in its way. Our Analytics team starts working from the foundation and provides clear insights with relevant that will help businesses take result-oriented decisions.


Transform the data to provide Customer-centric Solutions

With intelligence algorithms, we transformed your customer data into reports that will give you insight of hidden buying patterns and relationships between product lines and revenue.


Visual data representations for smarter business decisions

We provide a real-time picture by presenting the data in a visual and interactive format. These visual Insights are easy to understand and play a significant role while making smart business decisions.

Why The Clutch's Services?

We cover all stages within your customer data analytics lifecycle, from describing past buying behaviours through prescribing new ways of influencing purchasing decisions.

Business & Operational Analytics

Attain Exponential Business growth

Maximise potential with business and operational analytics powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We extract high-value insights from business’ data, identify trends, hidden patterns and prevent possible threats that may harm the organisation in the future.

We provide the best course of action towards achieving strategic business goals.

Customised Analytical Solutions

Every business operates differently and holds different values. The customised plan for each business makes it easy to adjust and perform at ease. Our team takes responsibility to understand the problem and provide the course of action to take.

Transform the data into Intelligence

Our analytical team collects the data from varied sources like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), CRM’s, and Social Media. Then our software engineers transform the data using ETL to form a data repository, to suit the business requirements.

Better decisions using data insights

After the transformation, the analysts highlight the unseen business insights. These insights help in making changes in the strategies and further drive the business and operation decisions.

Why Our Services?

Leverage our business and operational analytics solutions to grow your business sustainably with the best decisions to achieve optimal outcomes.

Enterprise Insights – Actions Platform

Decrease complexity and make better decisions.

Transform your data into valuable insights and execute an action with the right enterprise tools to manage and monitor the risk involved. 

Tools that are industry-specific and task-specific, can get the most out of your data by leverage your operational, financial, sales and marketing data in a more effective way.

What do we offer?

We look at your IT systems on how the data is tracked, how analytics solutions are assessed and output generated.

After the assessment, we set up an adoption plan that is focused on different components like Hybrid Enterprise Data Store, ETL, ELT, Streaming Analytics, Enterprise Business Intelligence, and others, which increases efficiency and bring confidence to make the business decisions.

After implementation, our team continue to monitor and provide any improvement that can be made as your business grows and changes.

Why Choose Us?

We follow a simple high-level adoption strategy. We drill-down to the root of each step but keep your journey quick and efficient.

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